Dave Kramer

Artist Dave Kramer grew up in the small town of La Porte, Indiana, near Lake Michigan. Born in 1963, he is one of six children. After studying art at Indiana University and finding little work in Northern Indiana, Dave moved to Dallas, Texas in 1985 and began a free-lance illustration career. In the last several years, Dave's desire to break out of the commercial artist's restraints and to paint the subjects he enjoys has moved him into the world of fine art and portraits. Dave's way of painting in a romantic realism manner creates portraits that are not just a likeness of an individual but a piece of fine art. Constantly striving to achieve greater drawing and painting skills led him ten years ago to start up his own drawing and painting sessions. This, and studying the great artists of the past like J. W. Waterhouse, have inspired Dave to paint using the techniques of the masters, which involves a considerable amount of under painting and glazing. Dave has received awards from The Dallas Society of Artist, Artist Magazine and New York Society of Illustrators.

Dave also gives Private lessons.

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